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Mobile Marketing is a set of marketing strategies. It aims to attract the attention of consumers, in addition to being able to influence them at the time of purchase.

Mobile Marketing can be done, for example, through:

  1. SMS.
  2. Social networks.
  3. APPs.
  4. Among many others.

So it works on everything you can access via smartphones and other mobile devices.



Mobile Marketing is primarily about marketing aimed at mobile devices

What is Mobile Marketing about?

With the advancement of technology, the mobile device audience is constantly expanding. As a result, its users make calls and write SMS, in addition to browsing websites and shopping using smartphones, among other tasks. That’s why Mobile Marketing is so important.

Companies are trying to move their strategies to where their customer is. So today it’s hard to think of a marketing strategy that doesn’t include a campaign with a mobile audience.

Thus, this can be a great opportunity for companies to get closer to their audience. As a result, one of the strategies is Mobile Marketing.

Keep reading about Mobile Marketing and learn more!



The advantages of Mobile Marketing are linked to the growth of mobile devices and purchases made through them


4 Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Smartphones are part of almost everyone’s routine and the number of users only grows year after year. For you to understand what advantages Mobile Marketing can bring to your company, check out our list.

The main advantages of Mobile Marketing are linked to:

  1. Ever increasing number of purchases via mobile.
  2. Segmentation of users by region.
  3. Apps usage growth.
  4. Faster communication with the public.

Learn more about each of these benefits below.

1.The number of purchases via mobile is growing along with Mobile Marketing

Currently, people are shopping through mobile devices. Therefore, by not investing in Mobile Marketing, your company will be missing the chance to reach your audience and, in addition, to sell more.

2.You can divide users according to location

One of the common problems in a Digital Marketing strategy is the division by region.

This is very important for local businesses. In them, the ideal is to attract only users who are close to the trade.

However, most mobile devices available on the market have GPS location. You can then explore this pattern when creating Mobile Marketing campaigns.

This feature will allow your business to display ads only to users who are in a specific city or neighborhood, close to your business.

With this, you will only attract users with the potential to become customers. This way, you save on the development of your promotional campaigns and increase your conversion rate.

3. The use of apps is increasingly popular among users

Brazil is already the 5th country in the global ranking of time spent with the Smartphone, just behind Indonesia, Thailand, China and South Korea. This data is from “State of Mobile Services” report by App Annie, a consultancy specializing in mobile app data.

In addition, our country already has 230 million active cell phones, according to a survey carried out by the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo (FGV-SP).

While the number of smartphones around the world has increased, so has the use of applications in the daily lives of its users. And many of these apps can therefore be great business opportunities for your company.

4. Mobile devices allow faster communication with the public

In recent years, communication has become easier and faster, so people are looking for quick answers and are checking notifications on their devices all the time.

This feature can further increase the efficiency of your messages. This is because it facilitates the interaction with its customers and, with that, the achievement of solutions.

Through an SMS, you can inform customers about exclusive promotions and discounts almost in real time, so that the service is cheaper and more efficient than sending direct mail, for example.

How to use Apps as a path to Mobile Marketing?

Apps such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram fell in favor of the public. They are used daily by users, whether to communicate or inform themselves.

Therefore, your company can also use them to build a close relationship with your customers, because this increases the visibility of your brand.

Even mobile games can be used in your marketing strategy as they help your business reach more people and, on top of that, increase your sales.

these apps should be used for your company to be present in the daily lives of your customers. This puts them just a tap away to get in touch with your brand.



The practices to invest in Mobile Marketing involve your actions with the customer, with the product and with social networks

Best Practices for Investing in Mobile Marketing

In any marketing strategy your company adopts, it is essential to follow some of the best practices in the market. In this way, your actions achieve all the expected responses.

These practices should not be seen as rules. However, ideally, you should take them into account to avoid problems.

You can focus on multiple channels like SMS, Facebook, Instagram, emails, websites… But it’s important to remember that each channel has a different language, look and approach.

In the case of websites, you need to optimize the texts, make the paragraphs shorter so that it doesn’t get too long on the cell phone display. This is also true for the forms, which need to be smaller.

Also, the faster the pages load, the better. Therefore, the few images that the site has, need to be light. This is also true for email marketing.

With that, you can get more results with your actions.

In addition to the actions mentioned above, there are still other practices to invest in Mobile Marketing. Are they:

  • don’t be too intrusive

The language needs to be simple and straightforward. However, it shouldn’t be too insistent not to bother the user;

  • Focus on the benefits you can deliver

More than focusing on the sale itself, focus also on what you can offer the user;

  • be honest with your customers

Offer only what you can deliver. Therefore use interactions that are clear and objective;

  • Explore social media

Share relevant content. Also interact with your followers and, mainly, post with constancy.



Mobile Marketing actions can take place via SMS, Bluetooth and QR Code

3 Mobile Marketing actions that we can carry out

There are several actions that your company can take in building your Mobile Marketing strategy.

Among the most popular actions we can highlight:

  • SMS Marketing

This is one of the first Mobile Marketing strategies that companies explore and is still one of the most important. It mainly consists of sending text messages to people previously registered in the contact lists.

It is very useful to maintain customer relationships. It reminds them of payment dates, order status, sending promotions, as well as offering information about the latest releases or even charging.

  • Bluetooth Marketing

Bluetooth Marketing is a marketing strategy that uses Bluetooth functionality on mobile devices to share files with people. You can also inform them about your products and services.

These files can be a list of a company’s products, the shopping catalog or even video files promoting the establishment.

Therefore, it is a strategy very used by local businesses, considering that the Bluetooth signal range is relatively small.

  • QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing is a technology that can generate great solutions for your Mobile Marketing strategy.

It is a 2D barcode. In it, the smartphone user uses the camera to read it and during this process, goes to another page.

Likewise, by inserting a QR Code into your company’s flyer, you can guide users to your company’s website. That site, in turn, may have more details about what you’re promoting.

Using a QR Code code on the packaging of his products in a similar way, he will be able to guide his customers to a video of how to use it correctly. In other words, it facilitates your connection with them and brings your business closer.



To apply Mobile Marketing in your company, it is best to look for a team specialized in this field.

How to apply Mobile Marketing in my company?

You can choose to hire in-house people with the necessary skills. However, most people choose to work with a team that has Mobile experience.

If you want to know more about all Mobile Marketing processes, contact us and talk to one of our experts. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

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